Octave Phono EQ.2 Module

The Phono EQ.2 is a semiconductor-driven external phono preamplifier tailored for both MM and MC, allowing precise adjustment to match the specific pickup system.

The Phono EQ.2 is an external semiconductor-based phono preamplifier for MM and MC that can be precisely adjusted to the respective pickup system. The Phono EQ.2 is the flexible, universal alternative to built-in phono stages in integrated amplifiers.


Many pre- and integrated-amplifiers available on the market today do not include dedicated phono inputs. Or if they offer one, most often it is nothing more than an afterthought as far as quality and functionality. The inputs fulfill only the requirements of the marketing department to add a feature to the checklist.

Vinyl has always played an important role at Octave. Ever since the company was founded, nearly every Octave pre- and integrated-amplifier model produced has offered analog aficionados the option to add a perfectly tuned, built-in phono input - with perfect adjustment possibilities (RIAA curve) according the pickup used.

Surely there are many music lovers who own a turntable but have yet to own an Octave component, and Octave did not want to leave them empty handed. The brand new Octave EQ.2 separate phono-preamplifier fills this gap. The EQ.2 is a compact yet complete MM/MC phono stage housed in a magnetically shielded chassis with an external power supply.

This offers many benefits - as for example the persistent 50 or 60 Hz frequency of the power line cannot influence the very low and quite sensitive input voltage coming from the needle.

It doesn't matter whether one prefers Moving Magnet or Moving Coil pickup systems; their sensitive voltages meet real-world impedance and gain values at the input stage. The impedance is selectable between 62 and 1,000 ohms (at either 62, 75, 97,100, 125, 146, 170, 200, 250, 340, 500 and 1,000 ohms), while a choice of four steps for the gain (58, 62, 68 and 72 dB) in the EQ.2 allows one to perfectly match the sensitivity to the phono cartridge. The feature list is completed with the addition of a highly fine tuned Subsonic filter to offer protection for your bass drivers.

Following Octave's uncompromising approach to quality, all connectors are gold plated and the meticulously selected high-grade internal components are sourced from the most highly respected manufacturers. But ultimately it is all about performance and the sound of the EQ.2 performs most impressively in this regard: the EQ.2 is a true Octave and brings uncompromised Octave analog quality to everyone.



  • Basic model: Phono EQ.2
  • Design: Black
  • Dimensions Preamplifier / Power Supply: 100 x 55 x 167 mm / 50 x 55 x 40 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight Preamplifier / Power Supply: 0.8 kg / 0.1 kg
  • Input sensitivity MM / MC: 4 mV / 100 µV - 1 mV
  • Input impedance MM / MC: 47 kOhm +220 pF / 62 Ohm - 1 kOhm
  • Gain MM: 50 dB
  • Gain MC: 58 dB, 62 dB, 68 dB, 72 dB (adjustable)
  • Signal-to-noise ratio MM / MC: -90 dB / -74 dB ... -86 dB at 2.5 V Output level
  • Maximum input level MM / MC: 19 mV / 2.3 mV


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