DS Audio Grand Master EX Optical Phono Cartridge

Analog extreme ONE PIECE DIAMOND

The DS Audio Grand Master Extreme uses a 0.22mm square one-piece diamond cantilever with an integral Micro ridge stylus tip made from a single diamond. This more accurately transmits the groove modulation to the 3rd generation optical generator than the traditional bonded cantilever and stylus.



  • Signal output: Photo-electric Conversion
  • Channel separation: 27db more(1kHz)
  • Weight: 7.7g
  • Output signal level: 70mV more
  • Canti-lever & Needle: ONE PIECE DIAMOND
  • Body material: Ultra duralumin
  • Cantilever holder material: Stainless
  • Needle pressure: 2.0g~2.2g(2.1g is recommended)
  • Stylus: Micro Ridge