Clearaudio Reference Jubilee Turntable System

The new Reference Jubilee turntable connects the best of Clearaudio's past, present, and future.

New Clearaudio Reference Jubilee Turntable: where the best of the past, present and future meet for a new era of analogue precision. The boomerang shape echoes Clearaudio’s Reference turntable from the 1990s. Materials and technologies including Panzerholz, Ceramic magnet bearing (CMB), and Optical speed control (OSC) mirror today's strengths. New motor technology, Professional Power 24v outboard linear power supply, and silver internal tonearm wiring with DIN termination forecasts the future of the brand.

The Reference Jubilee turntable comes as a complete system including Universal 9” tonearm with silver internal wire and DIN termination, Professional Power 24v linear outboard power supply, Statement record clamp, and Outer Limit peripheral ring clamp.


The Clearaudio Reference Jubilee delivers lifelong synchronized rotational speed, astonishingly low levels of both resonance and friction, and a breathtaking moment of torque.

Its 6cm-thick main platter is constructed from highly damped polyoxymethylene (POM) and, as you might expect with any Clearaudio turntable, the platter rotates on a special variation of the brand’s own patented ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB). The motor housing is elaborately decoupled from the chassis by an elaborate network of rubber ‘tightropes’.

While Clearaudio has earned a considerable reputation for innovation in all things analog, here the design team has expertly married digital and analog technology to achieve a new level of precision and consistency of rotational speed. A 12-bit DAC generates the drive motor’s voltage; the DAC has exceptionally high resolution and zero fluctuations or ‘drift’ in response to either time or temperature. What’s more, it has been cleverly designed to work in tandem with Clearaudio’s optical speed control system. Every three seconds, an optical sensor takes a reading of the 8.5kg stainless steel sub-platter’s rotational speed, and delivers that reading to a control unit; the control unit then immediately regulates the slightest deviations by adjusting the motor’s voltage via an operational amplifier.

The Reference Jubilee’s brand new air-core (non-magnetic) 24-volt DC motor, which runs unbelievably quietly, ensures that the listener remains blissfully unaware of the whole process.


Construction Details

  • Resonance–optimized chassis shape, made of laminated wood and aluminum with precision CNC machined surface.
  • Resonance-optimized chassis shape
  • Made of laminated wood and aluminum with precision CNC machined surface
  • All turntable feet are fine adjustable
  • Optical Speed Control (OSC)
  • Playback of one tonearm possible
  • IMS – Innovative motor suspension
  • (Suspension design of the motor using 18 O-rings)
Speed Options
  • Comfortable speed change, 33 ⅓ rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm
Drive Unit
  • High torque 24V DC motor with belt drive
  • Fully automatic self-calibration of the speed by a push of a button
  • Hybrid engine control: A high resolution 12 bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) generates a motor reference voltage, which is fed into the purely analog motor control. Automatic compensation of friction and temperature changes on the platter bearings and belts. The speed remains in the perfect range at all times.
  • Clearaudio CMB ceramic magnetic bearing in main platter / upper drive platter assembly.
  • Inverted bearing in lower drive platter.
  • 50mm / 1.97 inch main platter, made out of synthetic material with high density and excellent dimension.
  • 15mm / 0.59 inch stability, precision CNC machined surface, solid stainless steel sub-platter, dynamically balance.
  • Speed Accuracy (Measured)
    • < ± 0.05 %
    Power Consumption
    • Max. consumption: 5.0 watts
    • Consumption in operation: 2.1 watts
    • Off mode: 1.8 Watt
    Total Weight
    • Approx. 22 kg (without tonearm and power supply)
    • Approx. 19.49 x 13.50 x 6.30 (without tonearm)
    • 2 years
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