Burmester 956 MK2 Classic Power Amplifier

The Burmester stereo power amplifier 956 MK 2 is a proud descendent of Burmester’s internationally highly acclaimed family of power amps 911 and 909. The reference amp 909 has marked the pinnacle of audio amplification since 1990. Many of the insights gained in designing the 909 have influenced the concept of the 956 MK 2. Like the legendary preamplifier 808 the 956 MK 2 is of modular design with the advantage that older models can easily be upgraded to the latest version.

Like all amplifiers from Burmester the 956 MK 2 is, of course, completely balanced and DC-coupled without any distorting capacitors in the signal path. Also, the 956 MK 2 sports the same cool-looking heat sinks which Dieter Burmester designed for his bigger amps.

The 956 MK 2 like all Burmester amplifiers is a stereo amp. However, all Burmester stereo amps can easily be bridged into mono operation using external mono adapters. If two amps are ordered as a mono pair, we will bridge the amps internally at the factory free of charge. The rise time (the quickness of the amp) is the same whether it operates in stereo or mono mode. Furthermore, we offer bi-amping adapters for using a pair of 956 MK 2 with speakers that require bi-amping. All Burmester amplifiers are run through a long battery of tests to make sure each one conforms to the reference prototype. After the first computer-aided set of about 300 test measurements the units are burnt-in at nominal load for a week. After that Burmester runs a second set of the same computer-aided tests. Only when the two results are identical will a unit be released for a listening test. If this final test meets our standards the unit will be packed and shipped. By this arduous process of testing and re-testing, the goal is to make sure that each 956 MK 2 fulfills Burmester’s guarantee of reliability and musicality to our customers.


  • Bridgeable into mono operation by external mono adapters or internally at the factory when ordering a pair of 956 mono amps
  • Bi-amping with the use of external bi-amping adapters
  • Balanced circuitry throughout like all Burmester components
  • Input stages in proprietary X-Amp technology (Class A)
  • Low overall negative feedback
  • Signal path completely DC-coupled, no distorting capacitors
  • High current delivery capabilities due to an oversized power supply
  • High damping factor enables effortless control of any speaker over the entire frequency range, even at high frequencies
  • Stable at any load over the entire frequency range
  • Massive binding posts for connection of speaker cables (use only spade plugs!)
  • Remote on/off switching in connection with Burmester pre-amps and D/A converters with variable output (remote control current: 10V DC)
  • A protection circuit outside of the signal path monitors the 956 during operation for overheating, DC offset and overdrive.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 482 mm x 191 mm x 482 mm
  • Weight: app. 30 kg (66lbs.)
  • Rated power output: Stereo: 2x240 W at 4Ω / Mono: 1x500 W at 4Ω
  • Continuous peak current: 34 A
  • Damping factor: >2000
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: >81 dB
  • Input sensitivity: 730 mV for full volume, 320 mV for 100W at 4 Ω load
  • Frequency response: 0-200kHz (-3dB) 4 selected power transistors per channel
  • Rise time (stereo/mono): 1.4 μs at 4/8 Ω load / 1.9 μs at 1 Ω load
  • Oversized power supply with 188.000 μF filter capacity and 600 VA toroidal transformer.
  • Additional local filtering close to the output stages of 12.000 μF per channel.