Burmester 035 Classic Preamplifer

The 035 preamplifier combines warm and natural sound with simple and user-friendly operation. Referencing its great predecessors in Burmester’s collection, the 035 has an excellent sonic signature with great attention to musical detail.

The 035 preamplifier combines warm and natural sound with simple and user-friendly operation. Its audiophile qualities owe much to its larger siblings in Burmester’s Reference and Top Line. The signal paths to the high-quality XLR outputs are balanced and short, which contributes to an excellent sonic signature with great attention to musical and dynamic detail.


The 035 Preamplifier combines trailblazing innovations with the design and the ergonomics of a preamplifier that will master all requirements of the future. The foremost development goal was to realize the musical features of the bigger brothers 011 and 808MK5, which are viewed worldwide as the standard for all preamplifiers, in the 035 as well without any compromises.
The X-Amp amplification stages are taken from the 011. They operate absolutely balanced in the Class A range and moreover are completely DC coupled. The assembly is discrete for all models, which means that they feature components that are carefully selected and paired up with channel synchronism according to a special procedure. The outputs have been realized as op amps. The elaborate volume regulator is created by an R-2R network that has the same impedance at 60 possible, logarithmically tuned levels and guarantees an extremely good synchronism down to the lowest volumes, such as cannot be achieved by potentiometers. Encapsulated reed relays with gold contacts realize this perfectly. Only by this extreme investment can the desired 100% channel synchronism be realized. Today‘s signal sources such as CD players require an extremely quick signal processing. A power supply must meet these requirements at all times and needs to be appropriately dimensioned. The special power supply of the 035 Pre Amp is also never overtaxed even with dynamic music passages so that the warm sound, rich in detail, is always retained.
The 035 enthuses right away after just a few beats: It brings together the warm, comforting sound of the 011 and 808MK5 with easiest control and an aesthetic appearance. Tonally it is unequaled.
The total architecture of the circuitry of the 035 accommodates the development to more complex systems with home theater solutions. Thus a surround processor can simply be connected by a surround loop. All functions of the 035 can be controlled through the optional BurLink system if necessary. The 035 also provides a tone control that can be switched off if necessary and a balance regulator is available as well. For vinyl enthusiasts MM and MC modules are available.



  • Inputs: 3 XLR / 2 RCA
  • Phono inputs: optional MM / MC
  • Outputs: 1 XLR, 1 RCA, 1 Tape out (XLR)
  • Head phone jack: 6.3 mm
  • Module slots: 1
  • Optional modules: Phono MC Ώ MM, CD bal.
  • Surround Thruput: yes
  • Remote controlled: yes
  • BurLink: yes
  • Input Impedance XLR/RCA: 22 Ω/ 22 kΩ
  • Output Impedance XLR/RCA: 230 Ω/ 115 Ω
  • Input Sensitivity re. 1 V: 160 mV
  • Max. output level: 12 V
  • Frequency response -3 dB: < 10 Hz - 200 kHz
  • Signal-to-noise-ratio: > 105 dB
  • Width: 482 mm (19’’) x Height: 96 mm (3.8’’) x Depth: 336 mm (13.3’’)
  • Weight: 8 kg (17.6 Ibs)


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