ATOLL DR400 SE Transport

The DR400se is the pure Drive version of the CD400se incorporating innovative technical solutions.

The CD400se and the DR400se models have their chassis made of massif aluminium sides that ensure perfect mechanical inertia. In addition, the original shape has been studied to absorb better all vibrations. The top loading drive specifically developed for the 400 line consists of mechanical elements in steel and aluminium treated against vibrations, decoupled from the frame of the device by four metal spacers. This greatly enhances the accuracy of the laser and the error correction circuits. This construction greatly improves the musical timbres and treble reproduction.


  • Specific ATOLL mechanics.
  • Dedicated power supply for mechanics.
  • Elaborate design for jitter reduction.

  • Power supply: 30 VA
  • Total of capacitors: 16 320 μF
  • Output Impedance: AES : 110 Ω
  • Dimensions (mm): 430×320×90 mm
  • Weight: 7 Kg
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