Performance 75-Ohm Digital Link



Item: P75DL

Transparent Performance 75-Ohm Digital Link delivers substantial performance at a very accessible price. A precision extruded polyethylene foam dielectric insulates the heavy, polished, solid core OFHC center conductor. Two high coverage OFHC braided shields separated by a Mylar coated foil shield keep noise out and complete the tightly specified 75-ohm cable package. Coaxial RCAs that make 360-degree contact with the inner shield maintain the impedance of the cable at the termination point, thereby reducing jitter. Scientific-grade BNCs are optional terminations.

Performance 75-Ohm Digital Link is upgradeable to High Performance Series and above 75-ohm and 110-ohm AES/EBU digital audio cables through an authorized Transparent dealer. Paragon is an authorized dealer for sales and upgrades.

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