McIntosh XRT2.1K

4-Way Loudspeaker

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– Larry Marcus, President

The XRT2.1K Loudspeaker represents the next evolution of McIntosh home audio speakers. Borne from 45+ years of speaker design expertise, the XRT2.1K is a full range system that provides spacious sound reproduction with an unusually deep sound stage. Standing 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall, a pair of these vertical monoliths will grab the attention of everyone in the room. But when the music starts, the only thing people will pay attention to is the enveloping sound!

The XRT2.1K utilizes McIntosh’s renowned line array speaker principles to produce an even sound dispersion pattern. Listeners closer to the speaker won’t be overwhelmed by extremely loud sound, while those farther away will notice hardly any drop off in sound level. The resulting sound is smooth and wide for all listeners, producing exceptional stereo imaging in nearly all listening positions.

Visually, the XRT2.1K is as striking as it sounds. The reinforced bass cabinet is a combination of brushed and black aluminum and is finished with 7 layers of high gloss piano black paint. The line array mimics the timeless McIntosh front panel appearance with a glossy black center section and 2 silver aluminum end caps. It is suspended from the front of the bass cabinet via steel spiders that are capped with magnetically attached covers that look like a McIntosh control knob. The removable speaker grilles are attached via magnets and feature black knit cloth with high gloss trim. The cabinet pedestal is made of machined aluminum and glass; it is supported by 4 adjustable feet that allow the speaker to make perfect contact with your floor, thus eliminating a possible source of distortion or vibration.

Completing the XRT2.1K’s iconic look, the McIntosh logo on the front of the base plate can be illuminated green with the use of Power Control technology found in McIntosh amplifiers, preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and other products.

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