McIntosh MC303

3-Channel 300 Watt Power Amplifier

At Paragon, McIntosh products are not just pictures on our website. As the only World of McIntosh Experience Center in North America, we proudly display all of these products in our showroom. Buy with confidence from a leading McIntosh brick and mortar/authorized online retailer.
– Larry Marcus, President

At 300 watts per channel the new McIntosh MC303 3-channel power amplifier with Autoformers is McIntosh’s most powerful multi-channel amplifier offering to date. Premium cosmetics featuring a thick glass faceplate, custom machined and anodized aluminum handles, and a mirror polished stainless steel chassis are standard equipment on the MC303. Power Guard, is a McIntosh circuit innovation, to maximize sound quality at high power levels while their Sentry Monitor feature provides continuous short circuit protection of the amplifier and connected loudspeakers. A triple bank of Peak Reading Watt Meters provides instant recognition of power output and may be switched off for theater use. This 3-channel amplifier has collection of technologies that enhances its performance and reliability while protecting the amplifier and loudspeakers.


  • 3-Channels x 300 Watts
  • Tri-Amp Capability
  • Output Autoformers
  • Exclusive McIntosh Power Assurance System
  • Power Guard
  • Sentry Monitor

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