HRS Vortex

Chassis Noise Reduction


Availability: This product typically ships in 1-2 weeks


The patent pending Vortex is designed specifically to obtain maximum performance from audio components designed with a stiffer chassis construction. A stiffer chassis is one that is constructed from plate or billet metal parts and is not of standard sheet metal construction. The Vortex is designed to be placed in direct contact with the chassis, not under existing component feet, with the point of the Vortex in contact with the HRS Isolation Base and the large diameter in direct contact with the component chassis.

The custom material interface used within the Vortex steel outer case is optimized to push the limits of resolution and dynamics without brightness, fatigue or high frequency noise. This material is developed by HRS specifically for the Vortex primary interface to get the best of all musical qualities combined from the compound.

The Vortex also contains a second custom internal element that dissipates the chassis energy as it passes through the Vortex’s non-magnetic stainless steel housing. The patent pending design of the Vortex housing passes the energy along a specific length path allowing the internal parasitic element time to deplete the energy and prevent it from returning to the system.

  • Can be used with any component weight.
  • Gimbal system ensures intimate contact with chassis at every location.
  • Fixed and adjustable Vortex models obtain maximum performance from small and large component chassis.
  • Two different custom HRS materials for optimal performance of key interface with chassis and internal energy dissipation elements.
  • High quality precision machined non-magnetic stainless steel outer housing.
  • Performance optimized for use with all HRS Isolation Bases.

The Vortex is available in a fixed height as well as an adjustable height and has a non-magnetic stainless steel finish.

The Vortex is designed to be sold in sets of 4, which include 3 Fixed Height Vortex (V150) and 1 Adjustable Height Vortex (V150A).

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