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Our selection of wireless speakers bring music into any space and blend discretely into any décor. Wireless speakers deliver an ambient music experience in your home without the expense of in-wall or in-ceiling speaker installation. Shop our collection of wireless speakers below.

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Sonos Beam Soundbar
  • $399.00


Sonos Arc Wireless Smart Soundbar
  • $799.00


Listen to music with ease through a wireless speaker. Wireless speakers can be a great alternative for traditional stereo systems, because they are budget-friendly and space neutral (renter-friendly). Most wireless speakers are built to be compact, and conveniently fit on countertops, shelves, tabletops, etc. Keep in mind that wireless speakers connect to your home WiFi network, so performance can vary based on your wireless network strength or network traffic. Browse our selection of wireless speakers online, or visit our showroom for a demonstration.