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Once you have selected your main phono components - turntable, phono preamplifier, cabling - playing with turntable accessories can refine your sound even more. Record clamps can solve tracking and vibration issues, record cleaners eliminate fuzz and static during playback, and dust covers protect your turntable investment. Shop Paragon's wide variety of turntable accessories below.

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HRS ADL Light Record Weight
  • $285.00


HRS ADH Heavy Record Weight
  • $550.00


Turntable accessories cover a large selection of products that are designed to solve different problems, like record clamps to reduce resonance/vibration, record cleaners and cleaning solutions for your vinyl, dust covers, and more. Even the smallest investment in turntable accessories can produce a noticeable improvement in your analog system. Shop Paragon's collection of turntable accessories online, or visit our showroom to pick-up a product today.