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Changing the cartridge on your turntable is a great way to improve sonic performance without the expense of buying a new turntable altogether. Paragon offers a wide selection of phono cartridges, including a variety of types - moving-magnet (MM) and moving-coil (MC) cartridges - in a variety of body materials - wood, stone, metal, etc. Shop our hand-picked collection of phono cartridges below.
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You will find that different types of phono cartridges, with varying body construction & materials, each present a variance of sound that could result in the acoustic change you want. When shopping for phono cartridges, it's important that you find a cartridge that can be correctly mounted to your tonearm - some tonearms have different mounting styles - and that you have a phono preamplifier or built-in phono stage that is compatible with the type of phono cartridge that you purchase (a moving coil (MC) phono cartridge has lower output than a moving-magnet (MM) type, so the MC needs more amplification). Some phono preamplifiers are built with both MM & MC inputs (and you can switch between them), but others are only single-use MM or MC. If you're not sure what phono cartridges are capable with your turntable, Paragon's staff is here to help! Please contact us for expert advice. Otherwise, you can shop our phono cartridge selection online & we wish you happy shopping!