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Whether you’re listening on the go, relaxing to a podcast at home, or sound-mixing in a studio, we have a pair of audiophile headphones to suit your needs. In-ear, over-ear, closed-back, or open-back – Paragon has you covered with the best headphone brands.
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We offer a curated selection of headphones, most of which can be auditioned in our showroom. Open-back headphones feature an unabashed airy sound with high-end detail and an open soundstage. For a private listening experience, closed-back headphones are the best choice - you can get exceptional sound quality without sound leakage. If you're too active for bulky over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones or earbuds can be an efficient solution, offering greater stability and privacy. For mobile users, many headphones include a microphone feature, so you can answer calls without interrupting your flow