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When you have your beloved pair of headphones and you're setting-up your headphone system, you might need headphone accessories to complete your system. Our selection of headphone accessories are a variety of headphone cables - either extension cables, adapter cables, or just better connection cables for headphones with removable cables.
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Transparent Ultra Headphone Cable
Transparent Ultra Headphone Cable
Transparent Ultra Headphone Cable
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Transparent Cables

Setting-up your home headphone system can come with unexpected complications. Your headphone jack might be the wrong size, your headphone cable might be too short for you to sit a comfortable distance from your system, or your headphone cable might not be up to the quality of the headphones that it came with. Our headphone accessories can solve these problems. We offer 1/4" to 1/8" plug adapter cables, headphone extension cables, and a high-quality headphone cable from Transparent (for headphones with removable connection cables).