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A digital to analog converter (DAC) takes the digital audio data stream and transforms it into an analog audio signal. A high-quality audio DAC is essential for the very best playback performance from your digital sources. Shop Paragon’s hand-picked selection of DACs below.
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dCS Rossini APEX Player
dCS Rossini APEX Player
dCS Rossini APEX Player


Your digital-to-analog converter (DAC) makes the most out of your digital music files. A DAC takes compressed music files and expands them into a high-resolution analog signal. The value of a great DAC is that it can take good or even lackluster recordings and transform them into full-sounding tracks. DAC capabilities can vary a lot from one product model to another. The best DACs have the processing power to handle all high-quality music file formats - including Direct Stream Digital (DSD), Waveform Audio File (WAV), Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF), Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), and more. Not to mention, many DACs now also have music streaming capabilities built-in - simplifying playback of all your digital music into one component. Shop Paragon's collection of DACs here. You can also browse our reference-level DACs, which are in-store only products, because Paragon custom-orders and hand-installs these products. If you find DAC shopping overwhelming and don't know how to determine compatibility with your audio system, we encourage you to contact us for expert advice.