McIntosh launches new TradeUP Home Theater Program

McIntosh launches new TradeUP Home Theater Program

Sep 05, 2023

McIntosh TradeUP Program Home Theater - Upgrade your home theater experience at Paragon SNS

McIntosh and non-McIntosh home theater receivers and processors can be traded in at Paragon Sight & Sound

UPDATE: McIntosh's Theater TradeUP Program has been extended through November 30, 2023!

Are you prepared to elevate your home theater experience? Unleash the power of the McIntosh Home Theater TradeUP Program and turn your cinematic dreams into a breathtaking reality!

Experience the thrill of cutting-edge home theater features like 8K video support, advanced Dirac Live or RoomPerfect room correction, and immersive object-based 3D audio formats like Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D. Paired with renowned McIntosh amplification power, you'll be fully immersed in your entertainment experience.

McIntosh understands the fast-paced world of home theater technology advancements, as well as the potential for technology to become outdated.

Enter the McIntosh Home Theater TradeUP Program

With the Home Theater TradeUP Program, you can trade in your qualified McIntosh home theater unit and receive a generous TradeIN allowance towards the purchase of a new McIntosh home theater receiver, processor, or processor+amplifier combo. Your TradeIN unit doesn't need to be in working condition or in its original McIntosh packaging. Qualified McIntosh units could receive a TradeIN allowance of up to 40% of the original MSRP.

Non-McIntosh Home Theater Units Welcome

To make the McIntosh experience accessible to all, non-McIntosh home theater receivers and processors are eligible to be traded in. By trading in your existing unit from another manufacturer, you can move closer to your dream McIntosh home theater setup. Non-McIntosh units don't need to be in working condition either, and depending on the model, they could receive a TradeIN allowance of up to 30% of the original MSRP depending on the specific model.

Current McIntosh Home Theater Models

Explore the array of current McIntosh home theater models that you can TradeUP to, each carefully crafted to deliver unparalleled performance:

Limited Time Offer

McIntosh's Theater TradeUP Program has been extended through November 30, 2023. Contact us for full details.

Offer valid September 1 – October 31, 2023. Offer valid only in the US and Canada to US and Canadian customers who make a purchase during the promotional period from a participating US or Canadian Authorized McIntosh Dealer. Purchases made at non-participating or non-authorized dealers will not qualify. The entire purchase must be made in a single transaction, from a single participating Authorized McIntosh Dealer. Only 1 trade-in unit allowed per transaction. All trade-in units must be surrendered to the dealer.