Focal Outdoor Speakers | Summer Promotion 2020

Focal Outdoor Speakers | Summer Promotion 2020

Jun 12, 2020

Summer is officially here, and if you've been stuck inside more than usual, what better time to create outdoor living spaces that are a beautiful extension of your home's interior?

Done properly, high-fidelity music without compromise can be incorporated into acoustically challenging spaces, such as a patio or backyard. Paragon's expert team has many solutions to offer, and with the help of Focal Speakers, we're excited to share a summer promotion with you. 

Through August 31st, get 10% off your purchase of Focal's 100 OD6 or 100 OD8 Outdoor Speakers. 

The 100 Series is a loudspeaker that stands up to all weather and brings high-fidelity sound to the outdoors. In addition to its UV-treated, high-density Polypropylene damping cabinet, the 100-series outdoor loudspeaker is IP66 certified, which is an international standard that demonstrates remarkable resistance of products to extreme weather conditions, and more specifically their watertight and dust-proof qualities. 

The 100 OD6 & 100 OD8 loudspeakers have reaped the rewards of Focal's expertise and deliver high quality sound playback in outdoor environments. Just like the other models in the 100 Series range, they contain Focal technologies with an Aluminum inverted dome tweeter and a Polyglass treated bass/mid-range speaker driver at the source of their acoustic performance. The 100 OD6 features a 6.5" driver and the 100 OD8 an 8" driver.

Installation is easy, thanks to a reinforced, notched assembly bracket. A 180-degree rotation system makes the speakers easy to position (either horizontally or vertically) as well. And because at Focal attention is paid to each and every detail, and to satisfying every taste, the grille and cabinet are available in black finish or white ready-to-paint finish.

The Paragon Smart team can help you decide which model is right for your space, and we can handle your installation needs as well. This promotion ends August 31st, so call us today at 734.662.3595 to get expert advice on making this summer a musical season!





Focal 100 OD6

Regular Price: $249/each | Promotional Price: $224.10/each


Focal 100 OD8

Regular Price: $299/each | Promotional Price: $269.10/each