Complete Your System with Free Transparent Power 2018

Complete Your System with Free Transparent Power 2018

Dec 12, 2018

For the entire month of December 2018, we’re offering a free Transparent Power Cord with the purchase of comparable system level Source and Speaker Cables!

Every level of Transparent Power Cord is optimized for its level of companion system cables and utilize large copper conductors, shielding, custom high quality connections, and proprietary networks (PRPC and above), which combine to reduce significant noise from the power grid and supply the necessary amount of power for hungry components.

How Does the Program Work?

This offer is good both in-store and online. When you purchase one qualifying Source Cable and one qualifying Speaker Cable, you will receive a free Power Cord of the corresponding level.

For online orders that include a qualifying Source Cable and Speaker Cable, the corresponding free Power Cord will be automatically added to your order upon fulfillment.

To shop Transparent Cables, click HERE.

The Link RCA OR The Link RCA OR The Link Phono OR Performance Digital The Wave Speaker Hardwired Power Cord
MusicLink RCA OR MusicLink Balanced OR Performance Digital MusicWave Speaker Hardwired Power Cord
Plus RCA OR Plus Balanced OR Plus Phono OR High Performance Digital Plus Speaker Performance Power Cord
Super RCA OR Super Balanced OR Super Phono OR High Performance Digital Super Speaker   High Performance Power Cord
Ultra RCA OR Ultra Balanced OR Ultra Phono OR Premium Digital Ultra Speaker Premium Power Cord

**Offer good through 12/31/2018