Wilson Audio Review | "Super Chronosonic"

Wilson Audio Review | "Super Chronosonic"

In HiFi Critic's new review, "Martin Colloms gets to grips with the mighty Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker - and find it takes music to new heights."
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The Naming of Chronosonic

"The Chronosonic part comes directly from the WAMM Master Chronosonic – time and sound – while the XVX part has an interesting meaning for me: I think of it as taking you to music experiences where X is for the past, a V is planted in the present while the final X is for the future." - Daryl Wilson
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"First impressions were of a wide and enveloping soundstage, reaching to the room sides, and of full height. Eyes closed, the impression approximated to a very large cinema screen, but one where the individual sound sources were almost as focused and acoustically present as if they had been present in the corresponding visual images. The XVX ability to scale the image according to the musical event, the instruments, and sources was exemplary, and when eyes were closed the experience of many recordings now perceived as a whole event, was uncanny, at times downright spooky."
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"When adjusted optimally for a given room, there is a sweet spot where a sense of openess imbues the room acoustic, expanding the perception of spatiality."
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"These Wilson designs are not off-the-shelf: rather, they are essentially bespoke, and are designed to be optimised, fine-tuned at each and every location where they are to be installed and this local tuning feature adds substantial hidden value."
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In Conclusion...

"It comes close to convincing the ear, the heart and the mind of the listener, with all kinds of music, performances are taking place right here, right now, in the room. Yes, it can undoubtedly impress, but the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX goes a stage further than that apparently simple feat, and succeeds in capturing the imagination, to an extent you won’t understand unless and until you hear it in full flight. Before this review I didn’t believe this possible – I do now."
-Martin Collums
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