Trinnov Amplitude8m | Immersive Home Cinema Experience

Trinnov Amplitude8m | Immersive Home Cinema Experience

Aug 17, 2021

Trinnov Amplitude8m | Immersive Home Cinema Experience

A perfect companion to the brand new Altitude16, and made with the most demanding users in mind, Trinnov's new 8-channel amplifier brings intelligent power and pristine audio quality at a sensitive price point without any compromise in terms of design and build quality.
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Like its big brother the Amplitude8, the Amplitude8m is designed to deliver spectacular performance in a luxury home theater but at a fraction of the price.

Intelligent Power

Trinnov amplifiers use microprocessor control for turn-on delay and feature an automatic AC power recognition and configuration system. The amplifiers not only recognize whether they are hooked up to 117V or 230V nominal power, they automatically self-configure.

Sleep Circuit

The Amplitude8m incorporates a new “sleep” circuit. When the amplifier stays idle for a period of more than 10 minutes, power is removed from the output modules and a front-panel LED begins to flash. As soon as an input signal is detected again on any channel, normal playback operation resumes instantaneously.

Lowest Noise

Like the Amplitude8, the 8m features the industry's lowest-distortion and noise specifications to date. The importance of this trait cannot be overestimated in a theater that may contain twenty or thirty speakers in a single room. If each of those speakers were producing even a small amount of noise, it would rapidly become noticeable and disruptive. This scenario never arises with The Amplitude8m.

Pristine Dynamic Rendering

• Intermodulation Distortion: Less than 0.05%
• Signal to noise ratio: -120 dB referenced to rated output.
• Frequency Response +0, -.5 dB, 5 Hz to 20kHz, load independent

Movie Experience

Experience audiophile-grade sound reproduction in your home theater with zero background noise during the most quiet scenes of the movie. You also get the finest sound quality and realism on music and movies alike, even at high volumes.


The Trinnov Amplitude8m is available for demo & purchase in-store. Contact us to schedule your private audition today!
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