Transparent Ultra Headphone Cable | Ready-To-Wear

Transparent Ultra Headphone Cable | Ready-To-Wear

Feb 19, 2019

ULTRA Headphone Cables are now in production and are ready-to-wear!

The long wait for the release of this exciting new cable category from Transparent is over, and we couldn't be happier with the finished product! Since this is the first product Transparent has "designed to wear," they wanted to make sure that the new ULTRA Headphone Cable not only delivers spectacular sound quality, but also embodies comfort, style, and flexibility for life on-the-go.

ULTRA Headphone Cable (UHP) is a great addition to the Transparent ULTRA family in terms of performance, appearance, and price. The starting retail price is $1800. The new UHP offers tremendous value and is also very inviting to use.

UHP is designed for headphone aficionados who either own or will own more than one set of headphones. With the 2-piece coupler built into the UHP, you can easily detach one set of leads and replace it with another set with different connectors. The network built into the bottom part of the coupler is the result of hours of testing and listening and is exclusively developed for the unique characteristics of headphone signals and the UHP cable.