Meet The Transparent OPUS PowerIsolator

The OPUS Series has always set the standard as the very best products from Transparent Audio. We are pleased to introduce a new power conditioning and line filtration product that meets the incredibly stringent performance requirements of OPUS— the Transparent OPUS PowerIsolator.

The groundbreaking Generation 5 Power Conditioning Filter Technology introduced in the new OPUS PowerIsolator eliminates broadband AC power line noise without restricting current or introducing phase shift. Working in perfect harmony with the included 20-amp IEC OPUS Power Cord, the power isolator is ready to deliver limitless current and noise-free, in-phase power.

Many other power conditioning solutions reduce some AC noise, but they also restrict instantaneous current flow and alter the phase of the power signal — a condition that introduces noise and limits the overall performance of the system. OPI in combination with the OPUS Power Cords ensures that your system is free to reveal all the dynamic complexity, energy and natural tonality that makes your favorite music so special. Coming soon to Paragon.