The Incomparable Statement V2 by Clearaudio

The Incomparable Statement V2 by Clearaudio

Jul 20, 2018

Discover another dimension of music reproduction with the Statement V2 turntable by Clearaudio - available exclusively at Paragon Sight & Sound!

Based on their love of music, Clearaudio designed an exceptional new turntable that breaks the rules and boundaries of music reproduction. The result of tireless passion and commitment, the Statement V2 turntable and Statement TT-1 tonearm have been crafted to extract music from your vinyl records at the highest possible level. Each Statement V2 turntable is hand-built in Clearaudio's factory in Germany.

Statement V2's construction is based on a combination of stainless steel, acrylic, aluminum, and Panzerholz wood to provide incredible resistance to resonance. The turntable's complex stand is built from several levels of Panzerholz sandwiched between stainless steel plates and separated by stainless steel legs. This massive construction supports the main turntable units and provides unparalleled protection from the damaging effects of resonance and vibration.

Four mounting bases for tonearms are also attached to the top chassis. Two of these bases are recommended to be used with the Clearaudio TT-1 linear tracking tonearm, the pinnacle of tonearm design and the perfect match for the Statement V2 turntable. Two more tonearms can be added if desired, or alternatively, mounting four pivoted tonearms is a possibility.

The Statement V2 comes outfitted with the Statement TT-1 tonearm and Clearaudio’s Goldfinger Statement moving coil cartridge. Finish options include natural clear-lacquered Panzerholz wood or upgraded Piano Black lacquered Panzerholz.

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*Paragon is the exclusive dealer for the Clearaudio Statement V2 turntable in the Unites States.