Take Your Media Room to the Next Level with Focal's Chora Line

Take Your Media Room to the Next Level with Focal's Chora Line

Jun 10, 2020

If your summer forecast calls for more time spent at home, now may be the perfect time to consider creating a media room or home theater that the whole family can enjoy.

Focal's Chora Home Cinema line is aimed at sound enthusiasts ready to discover true high-fidelity sound and to dive into the heart of films with quality products offered at an unrivalled price in their market.

At the heart of the action is the new Chora 826-D. For the first time, Focal has incorporated Dolby Atmos® technology in a floorstanding loudspeaker: a speaker driver installed above the loudspeaker directs the sound towards the ceiling at a carefully calculated angle, so that the audio signal is reflected around the entire room. The result has the listener wrapped in the sound, and immersed in a highly realistic 3D world.

The Chora Center speaker, which can be placed on a stand or shelving unit, reproduces voices and dialogue with exceptional clarity and remarkable precision.

Beautifully and discretely enhance your surround sound experience with the addition of Chora Surround speakers. With these easily wall mountable surround speakers, action scenes with the sound of planes, pouring rain, or rolling thunder come to life.

Finish your new media room or home theater set-up with one of Focal's new subwoofers. To complement the Chora Home Cinema line, we suggest the Sub 1000 F, which boasts a very high-power 1000W BASH® amplifier in a surprisingly compact enclosure.

Chora Home Cinema makes putting your dream system together easy and affordable. Shop the collection in-store or online today!

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