Sonus faber Sonetto Collection | Italian Poetry

Sonus faber Sonetto Collection | Italian Poetry

Jul 06, 2021

Sonus faber Sonetto Collection

The entry-level collection that embodies all of Sonus faber's values.
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The Voice of Sonus faber

DAD (Damped Apex Dome) Silk Dome Tweeter
Utilizing the same proprietary technology available in Olympica, Homage Tradition, and Reference Collections,

Natural Fiber Cone Midrange & Midwoofer
A special natural fiber and paper blend air-dried diaphragm is the perfect expression of the Voice of Sonus faber.


To allow ultra-fast, tight and yet deep
bass performance, the R&D team developed a special aluminum
alloy diaphragm for all of the bass woofers.

Sonus faber Designed Driver Systems

All Sonetto drivers are designed from scratch and feature Sonus faber die-cast baskets.

Paracross Technology

This patented technology has been introduced in each x-over design for the best contract and musical detail and definition.

Down Firing Reflex Port

The reflex ports, all sited on the base of the speakers (except for the center channels) to keep the design as clean as possible and make in-room placement
very forgiving.

Front-Firing Reflex "Base" Port

Thanks to the special design of the base support of Sonetto bookshelf models, the reflex port placed on the base guarantees powerful reproduction of lower frequencies.

Aluminum Supports

For extreme rigidity, bookshelf stands and column feet are made in aluminum, extruded or milled from solid billets, following the same design philosophy of the other Sonus faber products.

Three Finishes

Classic walnut wood, elegant piano black, and modern matte white
Sonus faber
Sonetto VIII
Sonetto VIII is the flagship speaker of the Sonetto collection, and also the most powerful with a 3-way design and three 180mm woofers for superior low-frequency and high-end reproduction. 
Sonus faber 
Sonetto V
In keeping with the goal of being a versatile solution for any environment, the Sonetto V, a 3-way floorstanding speaker, is able to characterize even the largest rooms with a rich, lively sound.
Sonus faber
Sonetto III
Despite its slim dimensions, the Sonetto III floorstanding speaker has the commanding presence of a much larger speaker, thanks to advanced technologies and design solutions.
Sonus faber
Sonetto II
Sonetto II's high-performance features include a larger mid-woofer, which is capable of more expansive downward frequency response and a greater emotional impact.
Sonus faber
Sonetto I
Thanks to the most advanced design solutions, and particularly to the new reflex port uniquely implemented on the speaker base, Sonetto I is an outstanding performer and compact bookshelf.
Sonus faber
Sonetto Center II
The Center II is the largest high-performance 3-way center channel speaker in the Sonetto collection, featuring 2 x 150 mm woofers, for optimal low-frequency reproduction.
Sonus faber
Sonetto Center I
Characterized by a design style in harmony with the other speakers of the line, Sonetto Center I fits easily into diverse environments, guaranteeing excellent performance of the ensemble.
Sonus faber
Sonetto Wall
One speaker, multiple solutions. The versatile Sonetto Wall's small dimensions and beautiful, refined design make it a great choice if you want to set up a multi-room system. 


The Sonus faber Sonetto Collection is available for audition and purchase in-store. Contact us to schedule your private demo.
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Sonus faber Sonetto Collection