Sonus faber Olympica Nova V

Sonus faber Olympica Nova V

Feb 12, 2020

Olympica Nova V, the flagship of the new Sonus faber Olympica Nova collection, is a concentration of power and quality that allows complete enjoyment of Sonus faber’s natural sound, without compromise.

The Sonus Faber Olympica Nova series embraces the authentic values that inspired the original Olympica line while adding a substantial amount of freshly developed technology, from new drivers and crossovers, to new cabinet structure and internal volume tuning, to a new exterior look.

Nova V's low-frequency reproduction is intense thanks to its 3 woofers which, combined with the mid-high frequencies, guarantee a detailed, warm and enchanting sound.

The Aesthetics

The walls of the new Olympica Nova collection are made with eight layers of bended wood, providing the cabinet with extreme rigidity. Inside the cabinet, carefully placed structural ribs are used as reinforcement to reduce vibration and to handle the overall power of the transducer’s movement. The original leather wrapped top panel gives way to a wood panel set in a solid die-cast aluminum plate. As per Sonus faber tradition, the leather is applied by hand in the brand’s Vicenza production facility. 

The asymmetric shape allows versatile positioning of the speakers for efficient bass response tuning in any room, while the lack of flat and parallel walls improves enclosure performance. This is an original design concept inspired by nature, as the lines follow the flow of a circular spiral motion, achieving a more organic cabinet structure. Not just a functional element added to handle airflow, the reflex duct is now fully integrated into the cabinet, further improving the speed and transparency of sound

The Reflex: The outer part of the Stealth Ultraflex™ system, an extremely low-turbulence porting system, is fabricated from a solid piece of extruded aluminum and it is inherited from Sonus Faber’s Homage Tradition models. Inspired by sea waves, the system facilitates airflow through the duct while controlling its speed and reducing distortion-causing turbulence.

The Technology

The new Olympica Nova collection merges tradition and innovation, featuring advanced solutions that enhance Sonus faber’s trademark performance.

The tweeter features the DADTM technology (Damped Apex DomeTM) on a 28mm silk dome diaphragm and a magnetic motor system that integrates “Neodymium Cap Design”. The arch and the ring of the DADTM system have been redesigned and obtained from a solid piece of aluminum die-cast. The Moving Coil is made with CCAW (Copper Clad Aluminum Winding), a special copper alloy that reduces moving mass and improves dynamics and power handling.

The midrange and mid-woofer transducers are derived from those used in the Homage Tradition collection with evolutionary improvements. Following the traditional Sonus faber cone structure, air-dried, non-pressed blend of cellulose pulp and other natural fibers Kapok, Kenaf gives the cone a slightly rough surface of varying density, which reduces resonance, guaranteeing a natural sound with increased transparency and detail.

The woofer features a cone that benefits from an exclusive sandwich construction technique where two sheets of cellulose pulp encasing a hi-tech syntactic foam. This low-mass, high-rigidity structure provides fast and powerful sound reproduction while allowing total coherence with the mid-high units.

The cross-over network implements Paracross TopologyTM, making it less sensitive to radio-frequency interference, improving transient response and lowering noise floor. The filtering topology of the entire line features new exclusive Clarity Cap capacitors, customized for Sonus faber.

The Sonus faber Olympica Nova V comes in two finishes, Wengè and Walnut, and is available now for demo and purchase at Paragon Sight & Sound.