Sonus faber | Minima Amator II

Sonus faber | Minima Amator II

Jun 26, 2019

Some products are not meant to be tied to a singular historical moment. Electa Amator III and Minima Amator II were born with this concept in mind and together give life to the Heritage collection from Sonus faber.

Paying homage to its past through classic design, while strongly breaking through the barrier of time with an electro-acoustic point of view, the Heritage collection transmits the tradition of the brand and enhances its artistic relevance. Because there is no future, without a past.

The natural evolution of today’s Sonus faber, is enclosed in this new creation. Minima Amator II is the restatement of a fundamental product first introduced in 1992 when the company was establishing key principles that would go on to guide future productions: accurate design and high-quality natural materials, combined to obtain a sound reproduction as natural as possible.

The Design 

Inspired by 36 years of worldwide experience in the Audio High-End sector, Minima Amator II merges the brand’s iconic style with innovative technology bringing to life the fundamentals of high-end Italian craftsmanship to create musical instruments.

The new Minima Amator II is a creation clearly dedicated to music reproduction with a lifestyle aesthetic that effortlessly lends itself to any environment. The compact, solid walnut wood of the cabinet adds to the speaker’s sound quality, resulting in a harmonious, smooth and consistent listening experience. The cabinet is embellished by a thin brass insert at the base, reminiscent of the elegant Electa Amator III design. The front baffle shows the iconic shape of the Voice of Sonus faber and is covered in leather. The rear panel, also covered in leather, houses the exit of the reflex duct and is embellished by the brass binding posts.

The Minima Amator II was intended to be a bookshelf speaker but is designed to be paired with the Carrara Stand (natural completion of Electa Amator III) or with the Unicum stand.

Minima Amator II is a 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker system; a simple project that features the patents and technological solutions that characterize the latest Sonus faber creations:

  • (1) 28 mm silk dome Tweeter, implemented with the DAD - Damped Apex DomeTM technology, for a clear high frequency reproduction
  • The “Paracross topologyTM” crossover design, for the best dynamic range and highly defined musical detail
  • (1) 6-inch midwoofer, developed in the Vicenza-based laboratory, features the well-known cellulose pulp and natural fibers cone on a die-cast aluminum basket, able to reveal even the smallest details during music reproduction
Minima Amator II will be available in the Fall of 2019.