Introducing Sonus faber Guarneri Tradition

Introducing Sonus faber Guarneri Tradition

Feb 08, 2017

I was flat-out shocked by the deep bass the pair could produce...I was also taken by the clarity of the midrange, the sweetness of the highs, and the width and depth of the soundstage that was projected. -Doug Schneider, Sound Stage Global

The made-in-Italy appeal and the great Sonus faber tradition find expression where the classical lute shape is still central, and maintains the roots with history, but components, finishes, and design have been completely renewed. The best example of made-in-Italy appeal and the great Sonus faber loudspeakers is the Guarneri Tradition. This is the fourth incarnation, featuring improved structure and new materials technology it retains its roles as the most iconic Sonus faber bookshelf loudspeaker - refined, yet powerful.

The patents and technological solutions of Lilium, Il Cremonese and the Olympica Collection find evolution within the Guarneri Tradition. “Stealth Ultraflex” is a well thought out external port in the back panel of extruded aluminum and controls the flow of air through the duct while controlling its speed and reducing any air noise and hence, distortion. The back is also part of the exoskeleton system complete with Dampshelves on the top and bottom of the speakers. Guarneri Tradition features "Silent Spikes," coaxial metal/elastomer/metal spikes, which reinterpret the classic patented Zero Vibration Transmission system derived from the Il Cremonese.

The Guarneri Tradition stands also play a key role in the aesthetic and electro-acoustic design. The curved outline of the carbon fiber stand, though much lighter and acoustically transparent than its predecessor, ensures maximum structural strength.

The world of ancient shipyards and the tradition of Italy’s shipwrights are the inspiration for the design of the Tradition collection. The new Wengè finish with maple inlays (a reference to the walnut finish of Olympica models) is the true aesthetic novelty of the collection and immediately links it with the elegant and timeless design of the most famous Italian motor-boats with their iconic wooden hulls.

Available Finishes

  • RED: Traditional walnut wood essence with black inlays combined with brushed black Aluminum and black leather
  • WENGÈ: Wengè wood essence - used for the first time by Sonus faber - with maple inlays with brushed aluminum in titanium finish and brown leather.