Smart Power by Clearaudio

Smart Power by Clearaudio

Aug 13, 2019

The Smart Power Supply is a battery-based DC power supply upgrade, designed to unleash more of the considerable potential of Clearaudio’s high-performance turntables.

Available in a 12V or 24V version, the Smart Power Supply provides clean power that is independent of the variability and inherent noise of the mains supply. With a minimal output impedance, it delivers a steady, stable voltage, allowing your Clearaudio turntable to maintain perfect speed stability.

The Smart Power can be set to switch automatically from battery play mode into recharging mode and will continue to enhance your turntable's performance and protect it from short circuits and power surges, even while charging.

Select your Smart Power:

  • Smart Power 24V: Use with Innovation & Ovation turntables
  • Smart Power 12V: Use with Concept & Performance turntables