Pro-Ject Classic SB Turntable

Pro-Ject Classic SB Turntable

Aug 24, 2017

Pro-Ject is pleased to announce the launch of the all new Classic SB turntable. Pro-Ject has turbocharged their EISA Award-winning "The Classic" to bring you an upgraded turntable package. The Classic SB is loaded with new features, including: electronic speed control, a Sumiko Blue Point No. 2 cartridge, "Clamp It" record clamp, and "Leather It" platter mat. These additions represent over $600 in upgrades and offer a huge improvement in sound quality. The Classic SB retails for just $400 more than its predecessor.

A Closer Look

The success of the Pro-Ject Debut series of turntables demonstrated that a plug-and-play product with minimal setup was in high demand. Pro-Ject pushed the limits of the Debut by providing a new model that adhered to those principles but included several performance upgrades, one of those being better mechanical isolation. The aluminum and MDF sub-chassis floats above the wooden main chassis using six thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) balls as vibration-deadening suspension points.

Another advantage The Classic SB has over its vintage predecessors is its precisely machined aluminum alloy platter. The cast platters previously used provided the mass necessary for consistent speed and low wow/flutter, but they all suffered from internal resonances that caused a ringing that would inevitably degrade the sound.

The Classic SB's platter provides the same mass benefits while using a far more acoustically inert alloy that is then further damped by TPE. While sub-platter and main bearing are similar in design to that of the Debut, it utilizes an improved mirror-polished stainless steel spindle that rests within a Teflon-coated bronze bushing machined with higher tolerances. Increasing the machining tolerances by a factor of ten allowed Pro-Ject to achieve whisper-quiet platter bearing operation, which translates into more accurate and realistic audio playback without any unwanted sound coloration.

With its new feature-packed design, the Classic SB is ready to spin your favorite music!