Presenting Sonus faber's Gravis I & II

Presenting Sonus faber's Gravis I & II

Sep 27, 2018

The goal of Sonus faber’s new line of Gravis subwoofers was to create a versatile product that can be perfectly integrated into every living environment. Though the series is an ideal match with Sonus faber’s new Sonetto Collection, Gravis subwoofers will boost performance in almost any type of music and video system.

Gravis I is a formidable solution for people looking for accurate bass extension in mid-sized listening rooms. It is a powerful medium-sized subwoofer that delivers an ideal compromise between size and performance. It features a down-firing 8” active driver, along with a high current 150W Class AB amplifier allowing it accurate and expressive bass reproduction well beyond its class.

Gravis II is a perfect choice for more demanding audio systems. It features a front-firing 10” passive radiator with a down-firing 10” active unit, along with a high current 400W Class AB amp. The combination of a larger cabinet, perfectly tuned to the larger driver compliment, and 400 watts of refined power provides excellent bass extension with the speed, impact, and nuance required to underpin the most engaging music and theater systems.

Both Gravis I and Gravis II feature a highly-advanced preamp stage that is responsible for the texture, speed, and attack of the Gravis sound. Moreover, the rear panel on both models boasts a complete connectivity solution that allows for both perfectly blended musical sub bass and powerful, percussive, home theater bass. A wide sound field reproduction is the result whenever this subwoofer unit is matched with a loudspeaker system. Its sound is rock-solid, fast, and has startling depth.

The Gravis I and II are available in Piano Black, Matte White, and Walnut finishes, which perfectly match the Sonus faber Sonetto Collection. Visit Paragon today for a demo!