Introducing the New MC462 from McIntosh

Introducing the New MC462 from McIntosh

Jul 02, 2018

Experience stereo bliss with the MC462 Amplifier! The MC462 replaces the highly regarded MC452 as McIntosh's most powerful stereo amplifier. Like the MC452, it features a robust output of 450 Watts per channel. With a dedicated McIntosh Autoformer™ connected to both the left and right audio channel, the full 450 watts is available to any speaker - regardless of speaker impedance. Just one MC462 Amplifier can single-handedly power a world-class home audio system.

The new generation MC462 stereo amplifier has received numerous updates compared to the previous model. The most prominent is that filter capacity has been increased by nearly 50%, which has resulted in a remarkable 66% increase in dynamic headroom from 1.8dB to 3.0dB. This allows the MC462 to easily handle drastic swings in dynamics and effortlessly reproduce your favorite music with virtually no distortion. Bass performance is also improved as a result of the filter capacity increase. McIntosh’s eco-friendly power management system, which will turn the amplifier off after a set amount of time when no input signal has been detected, has been added. Internal wiring and select circuit components have also been upgraded.

Balanced and unbalanced outputs are included to make bi-amping or tri-amping speakers easier; they can also be used to send the audio signal to a secondary system if the preamplifier does not have enough outputs or to connect a powered subwoofer.

Updates and enhancements in the MC462 compared to MC452:

  • Filter capacity has been increased by nearly 50%, which results in a remarkable 66% increase in dynamic headroom from 1.8dB to 3.0dB
  • Increase in filter capacity also helps improve the performance of low end bass frequencies
  • Autoformers and power transformer are now contained in new enclosures topped by a single machined cover with glass inserts (similar to MC1.25KW and MC611)
  • Standard heatsinks have been replaced by 4 McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks™
  • Heavier gauge internal wiring
  • Upgraded circuit components
  • Addition of the McIntosh power management system
  • New front panel direct LED backlighting for improved appearance and color accuracy