Introducing The McIntosh MS500

Introducing The McIntosh MS500

Jun 11, 2018

The MS500 Music Streamer is a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use device that seamlessly controls internet based streaming music and locally stored digital music. It allows a digital library to be enjoyed with McIntosh’s legendary audio standards - including uncompressed, lossless files with up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution.

Featuring on-board storage and built-in interfaces to leading streaming services, the MS500 serves as a central hub for your digital music. Internet radio stations can also be added as presets. Three USB ports allow for external mass storage or flash drives to be connected.

The MS500 runs ultra-quiet thanks to two key features. First, local music and the operating system are stored on a durable 500GB solid state drive (SSD) that has no moving parts to create noise; second, a new fanless processor, combined with improved ventilation, means noisy cooling fans are not needed. The combination of these two things results in there being no noise to interfere with music listening.

The MS500 utilizes a Linux based operating system that brings stability and is extremely responsive to user inputs. It is operated via the included remote control, a web browser, or with free apps for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. The unit is compatible with many popular home automation systems allowing for easy integration into your existing setup.

The MS500 replaces the McIntosh MB100. Differences and upgrades from the MB100 include:

  • Fanless-runs ultra-quiet with no noisy cooling fans to interfere with music listening
  • OS is Linux based instead of Windows based
  • Brings stability and is extremely responsive to input commands for a refined user experience
  • 500GB solid state drive instead of 1TB hard disk drive
  • Solid state drive has no moving parts so it also helps reduce noise
  • Drive houses both the OS and local content
  • 1 less USB input (3 instead of 4)
  • DVI output replaced by VGA output (used for GUI only)
  • eSata input removed
  • Front panel display removed