Introducing Sonetto from Sonus faber

Introducing Sonetto from Sonus faber

Aug 09, 2018

For its 35th anniversary, Sonus faber introduces Sonetto - a new collection that draws solidly upon Sonus faber's roots and reinforces the philosophy that sets the company apart from other speaker brands.

Sonus faber always finds inspiration in Italian culture, and with the Sonetto collection, Italian literature serves as their muse. The word sonetto (or sonnet, in English) originally meant sound or melody. Traditionally, the form was often used to accompany musical performances. The Sonetto collection seeks to marry these traditional forms of sound and poetry as the framework of their acclaimed speaker design.

The entire collection is true Sonus faber – featuring all of the iconic elements of the brand: natural sound, natural materials, lute-shaped cabinetry, and artisan craftsmanship. The Sonetto collection is completely hand-crafted in the same artisan workshop in Vicenza, Italy responsible for the Aida.

The Sonetto collection comprises three floorstanding speakers, two bookshelf speakers (with optional stands), two center channels, and an on-wall option. Explore key features of the collection in the image gallery below.

*Sonetto is anticipated to arrive in-store early Fall 2018.