Introducing Pro-Ject's Stream Box S2 Ultra

Introducing Pro-Ject's Stream Box S2 Ultra

Dec 10, 2018

Audio optimized network bridge and USB detox device for the modern world!

With the Stream Box S2 Ultra, Pro-Ject has designed a completely new Roon Ready streaming product featuring unique controls and unprecedented audio performance. Its main goal is to be a universal device that can integrate any USB DAC into the network - upgrading your favorite high-end DAC with modern and future-proof streaming capabilities.

With momentum gaining behind internet streaming services such as TIDAL or Spotify, consumer interest has shifted to network-enabled devices. This interest set the stage for the design of the Stream Box S2 Ultra.

Stream Box S2 Ultra offers a modern connectivity suite with its network inputs and USB A output. This USB output is optimized for audio signals, it uses a dedicated internal power supply, and only top audiophile grade components. You won‘t run into file-support issues, as Stream Box S2 Ultra acts as a network bridge, bypassing the files directly to your digital to analog converter.

Since most DACs only have one USB input, Pro-Ject has designed the Stream Box S2 Ultra also to be a "USB detox" device. Simply connect your PC to the micro USB input of the unit and connect a DAC to the audio output. This way you can clean the noisy signal of your PC, while enjoying your music with it.

Stream Box S2 Ultra: Features Galore

Stream Box S2 Ultra is fully controllable via smart devices and a regular web-browser. It offers support for the most popular streaming services: Spotify and TIDAL. Both services offer you a sheer endless amount of music, guaranteeing that you never run out of music to listen to. By implementing Shoutcast, the Stream Box S2 Ultra gives you the option to listen to various internet radio stations. Listen to your favorite radio shows, the news, and discover new channels from all around the world!

The back-side HDMI video output lets you connect a monitor to the Stream Box S2 Ultra, creating a graphic user interface. With the implementation of Shairport, iDevice users have an additional way to send data to the Stream Box S2 Ultra.

There are two USB inputs on the Stream Box S2 Ultra, one front-side and one back-side. Both give you the ability to connect an external hard drive to the unit. Via one of the various control scenarios (app, web browser, or external monitor) you can pick from your own selection of audio. The file system support goes up to PCM 32bit / 352.8 kHz and DSD256.

Pro-Ject is a big supporter of the Roon software, which is why it was important that the Stream Box S2 Ultra be a Roon Ready piece. With Roon, you can simply pick your Stream Box S2 Ultra in the Roon interface and send bit-perfect audio streams to it over your network.

This incredible feature set makes Stream Box S2 Ultra future-proof and ready to take on the world of streaming!