Introducing Elegia by Focal

Introducing Elegia by Focal

Oct 05, 2018

With Elear, Clear and Utopia, Focal made a grand, and not unnoticed, entrance into the high-end open-back headphone market. However, because of their open mechanical construction, these three models require a relatively quiet listening environment. So what happens when we want to listen to music in potentially noisier settings? How do we make this possible without giving in to all-too-common compromises?

In a bid to create a solution that lets you listen to your favorite songs in noisy environments, or simply to enjoy an intimate listening experience without disturbing the person next to you, Focal created the Elegia project.

Designed for use with portable audio players, these unprecedented headphones incorporate a new generation of exclusive full-range speaker drivers capable of operating in a small inner environment while ensuring exceptional dynamics and the most precise sound reproduction. Whether it’s the motor, the frameless copper voice coil, the dedicated surround, or the "M"-shape dome, Elegia's speaker drivers are a mass of innovation devoted to sound purity.

Focal’s forty years of expertise has also resulted in specific work on the vents to ensure that zero resonance disturbs the listening experience. As such, Elegia’s soundproofing, helped along by the ear-pads, is excellent. The realism and naturalness of the diffused sound is striking from the very first seconds of listening, whether at home or outdoors.

Absolute comfort is yet another asset on the list. With its well-mastered geometry, the headband moulds perfectly to the head, providing optimal grip for on-the-go use, and the memory foam microfiber ear-pads are soft and comfortable on the ears. And because Focal oversees the quality of every detail, a carefully finished, perfectly-sized case is also supplied, featuring thermo-formed construction that lets you store, protect and carry Elegia wherever you go.

Integrating speaker drivers into closed-back headphones, without making any concessions on the reproduction of the lowest frequencies: this is the new chapter in the Focal story with the creation of Elegia.