HRS M3X2 | The Latest Generation of Reference Level Bases

HRS M3X2 | The Latest Generation of Reference Level Bases

Jun 24, 2020

The M3X2 Isolation Base is the latest generation of reference level isolation bases from Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS). The M3X2 is the result of more than a decade of research and development into achieving true reference level audio system performance.

M3X2 is manufactured from six different materials including two proprietary polymers, billet machined aircraft aluminum, and polished black granite. The finely polished black granite contact plate is combined with two custom resonance control stages in a billet machined aircraft aluminum frame with a craftsmanship finish and black anodize coating. This exceptional design was created to offer maximum performance, cosmetic elegance, and a durable scratch-resistant inlay design that will provide years of maintenance-free service.

All HRS isolation bases, including the reference level M3X2, have many different footer options for broadband isolation, energy dissipating, and grounded designs. The load range is matched to the component weight, and You can change from one to the other at any time to optimize system performance for different components, preserving future value.

The M3X2 integrates directly into HRS audio stands without modification. Custom sizes are available for any component in the world, including the largest amplifiers and turntables.

Custom M3X2 2334-2 for D'Agostino amplifier on a custom VXR 2334-2-1V amplifier stand:


The M3X2 is produced in three standard sizes. Each size can be purchased in any of the four different load ranges to optimize component performance. If one of the standard sizes or load ranges does not fit your needs, HRS offers hundreds of custom designs. 

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