High Praise for Wilson Audio's Chronosonic XVX | The Absolute Sound

See what The Absolute Sound's Robert Harley has to say about the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX Loudspeaker! The Chronosonic XVX is available for audition in our Ann Arbor showroom. Contact us for more information.

Read the full review from The Absolute Sound HERE.

“I’ve lived with many of the world’s greatest loudspeakers in my home, and heard countless others at shows, but I’ve never heard a speaker quite like the Chronosonic XVX. It is the most realistic sounding, the most musically expressive, and the most intellectually and emotionally engaging loudspeaker I’ve heard."

“I can’t imagine anyone, no matter what their preferred speaker brands or listening biases, not being captivated by the XVX’x lifelike presentation. After all, real is real.The XVX isn’t just a milestone for Wilson Audio; I believe that it is a landmark achievement in loudspeaker design.”
“It is impossible to overstate the effect of this transient fidelity on the sense of realism, and of conveying the life, vitality, and energy in the music. This speed, weight behind transients, and lack of overhang was amplified by the XVX’x ability to extend the performance into the bottom octaves.”