New Mono Cartridge from Hana

New Mono Cartridge from Hana

Jun 27, 2018

Keeping the incredible sound of the popular SL phono cartridge, Hana introduces the SL Mono, which is now available with twin coils that pick-up mono vinyl signals through the Shibata stylus, creating new world sound from traditional days.

Based on the award-winning Hana SL stereo MC cartridge, the new SL Mono incorporates the same alnico magnets, Shibata stylus, aluminum cantilever, and high-purity copper wire. Hand-built in Japan by Excel Corporation, utilizing 50-years of Japanese craftsmanship, the SL Mono moving coil is oriented to optimize playback of original and re-issued mono LPs.

Wondering why using a mono cartridge for mono recordings is so important? Playing a mono record with a stereo cartridge does not achieve the same signal in both channels due to crosstalk, noise, phase and tracking errors, and distortion. This can result in unstable musical imagery.

Playing the same record with a mono cartridge only produces one signal, which is then directed to the two channels in the system. This results in more forceful, stable, and fuller sound.

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