Experience a Moment of ZaZen | IsoAcoustics

Experience a Moment of ZaZen | IsoAcoustics

Sep 03, 2021
The zaZen provides a sleek, stable isolation platform with a low noise floor, designed for turntables and audio components. The name zaZen is from Zen Buddhism and refers to sitting in peaceful meditation.

Fittingly, the zaZen isolation platform provides a low noise floor that allows listeners to tune in, zone out, and discover the finer details they’ve been missing in their music. The new zaZen models feature an elegant medium-gloss black finish over a dense fiber construction to provide the ideal combination of visual and acoustic design to complete the IsoAcoustics platform.

IsoAcoustics’ patented isolation technology is integrated into the zaZen with their industry-leading isolators recessed in the platform’s bottom corners. In combination with the mass from the dense platform, the integrated isolators creates a high degree of isolation, allowing turntables and electronic components to perform at their best, revealing greater acoustic clarity and detail.

“After the success of our DELOS platforms, we wanted to make a smaller platform designed for lighter turntables and hi-fi components,” says IsoAcoustics’ founder Dave Morrison. “We are excited for the release of zaZen because we have been extremely happy with how it performs. It’s affordable and very effective. We can’t wait for people to try it for themselves.”

Navigating the tiny variations in the vinyl’s groove, the turntable stylus is a delicate instrument. Problems occur at higher volumes, footsteps cause the record to skip, but what is often overlooked are the finer details that are missing or distorted as a result of vibrations. The zaZen provides a stable platform with a low noise floor that allows turntables to reach their full potential, revealing greater detail and clarity.

The zaZen is available in 2 sizes: zaZen I with a weight capacity of 25lbs (11.3kg) and the zaZen II with a weight capacity of 40lbs (18.1kg). Both models are 17” Wide x 15” Depth (432mm x 381mm). The zaZen I is 1.2” (30mm) in height and the zaZen II is slightly taller at 1.4” (34mm).

The zaZen I will retail for $199.99 and the zaZen2 for $229.99. Shop IsoAcoustics zaZen in-store or online today!