DS Audio 003 System | Optical Phono Cartridge & Phono Stage

DS Audio 003 System | Optical Phono Cartridge & Phono Stage

Nov 12, 2021

DS Audio 003 System | The Optical Advantage

DS Audio modernized optical phono cartridges with matching equalizer/phono stages, creating the future of analog music from vinyl records. DS Audio 003, the third generation, features the further evolution of DS Audio’ s optical transducer system as used in their Grand Master cartridge.
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DS Audio elevates the sound of vinyl playback with their latest optical cartridge set. This pure analog playback system implements the new “dual-mono” generator from their flagship Grand Master cartridge, resulting in enhanced clarity, improved imaging, and greater musical involvement.
By eliminating magnets and coils, mass is lowered beyond that of the lowest output MC cartridges, allowing optimal traceability. Using 99.9% beryllium instead of aluminum found in previous designs, the 003 weight is significantly reduced to less than 1/10th of the mass found in the moving coil of a typical MC cartridge.
The DS 003 cartridge features a line contact diamond stylus with an aluminum cantilever.
New circuitry and casework for the 003 equalizers create the perfect mate for the 003 cartridges. Echoing the industrial design of the Grand Master, the 003 eq’s sculptural design truly reflects the 3rd generation from DS Audio.
Discrete circuitry with critical signal paths wired point-to-point assures that the 3rd generation 003 optical cartridge generator performs to its optimal level. Compared to the DS002 equalizer, the thickness of the circuit board has been increased from 1.6 mm to 2.0 mm for greater vibration control.
The DS003 equalizer allows you to select four different roll-off curves for the low-frequency range, allowing you to optimize the bass to best match your system and listening room.


The DS 003 cartridge and 003 phono stage are sold as a set and are a perfectly matched pair. They are compatible with all DS Audio optical cartridges and equalizers providing many choices and upgrades for the ultimate in pure analog vinyl enjoyment.

The 003 System can be purchased in-store. Contact us today to schedule your private audition.
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