Why Upgrading Your dCS Vivaldi, Rossini, or Bartok to the APEX Ring DAC is a Must

Why Upgrading Your dCS Vivaldi, Rossini, or Bartok to the APEX Ring DAC is a Must

May 17, 2024

How do you elevate an already exemplary design? This is the question dCS Audio's engineers asked when they embarked on a project to further refine the hardware portion of the dCS Ring DAC™ – the renowned digital-to-analogue conversion system that resides at the heart of all dCS DACs and Players.

This investigation by dCS led them to develop a new, improved design that brings significant benefits in several key areas. This, in turn, has enabled them to further enhance the musical performance of the beloved Vivaldi, Rossini (Player / DAC), and Bartók DACs and Players.

APEX: What’s New

dCS engineers have made several updates to the Ring DAC’s design and performance. These include:

  • Modifying the reference supply that feeds the Ring DAC, resulting in lower output impedance
  • Enhancing the filter, summing, and output stages of the Ring DAC
  • Improving the symmetry of summing stages
  • Creating an all-new output stage
  • Reconfiguring the main Ring DAC circuit board

The Ring DAC APEX™ hardware has been extensively tested by dCS to ensure it delivers both real and tangible benefits. Alongside running quantitative tests using dCS's bespoke equipment, they have carried out several rounds of subjective listening tests with music professionals and critical listening experience.

A More Profound Experience

The dCS Ring DAC was renowned for its excellent linearity as well as its world-leading noise and distortion performance. The dCS APEX edition reduces noise even further and increases linearity by over 12dB.

Benefits of Updating to dCS APEX Edition:

  • Improved Dynamics, Rhythm, and Timing: Enjoy a more engaging and lifelike musical performance with enhanced clarity and precision.
  • Enhanced Image Focus and Soundstaging: Experience a more immersive soundstage with better separation and spatial accuracy.
  • More Precise and Tonally Resolved Voices: Hear every nuance in vocals with greater detail and authenticity.
  • An Even Greater Sense of Ease and Naturalness: Enjoy music that sounds more fluid and effortless, with a natural flow that captivates.
  • More Distinct Contrast Between Instruments and Lower Noise Floor: Appreciate the subtle details and contrasts in your music, with a quieter background that highlights every instrument.

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    Real Listener Experiences

    "I would describe the APEX sound as vibrant, yet somehow with a touching intimacy. Plus an all-embracing sense of space around the performers, especially depth. Loving it."

    -Martin, Rossini owner

    "The difference was noticeable. The usual words came to mind: more blackness, more focus, you know the jargon. I can best say that the placement of instruments was more robust and stable with the APEX."

    - Rene, Vivaldi owner

    "My Rossini APEX upgrade provided a significant improvement - much more than I had expected from the demo at the dealer. This was noticeable immediately in my system and did not need hours of 'burn in'."

    - David, Rossini owner