Clearaudio's Master Innovation Turntable

Clearaudio's Master Innovation Turntable

May 02, 2018

A spectacular and impressive turntable, especially when mounted on the matching Olympus stand, the Master Innovation visibly justifies its rather grand title. - Steve Harris, Hi-Fi News

The latest model in the popular Innovation series shows clearly how even the best is constantly being further developed and brought to new sonic heights at Clearaudio. What sets the Master Innovation Wood apart from its competition is its state-of-the-art, no-contact drive system, derived from Clearaudio’s no-compromise flagship Statement turntable.

The 70mm-thick dynamically balanced platter and 15mm-thick precision-machined stainless steel sub platter deliver the highest mechanical standards. Incredible rotational speed stability is achieved thanks to the combination of the patented Clearaudio ceramic magnetic bearing (CMB) supplemented by an additional flywheel and a high torque DC motor. An infrared sensor sends signals to an optical speed control mechanism to consistently maintain the perfect speed, while non-contact magnetic decoupling of the drive prevents any vibration or noise from reaching the main turntable. Consequently, speed variations are eradicated and perfect pitch is obtained.

The Master Innovation provides the ability to mount up to three tonearms and has with multiple tonearm models to choose from. Black or Silver finishes are standard options, with upgraded finishes also available.

To take your Master Innovation listening experience to the next level, add an Olympus rack. Olympus is designed as a highly functional home accessory for aesthetes: elegant and timeless in appearance and well constructed down to the smallest detail. Only the best materials such as solid aluminum and panzerholz bulletproof wood are used to achieve the highest possible quality. Each platform is further enhanced with aluminum surface plates. Even your heaviest devices will rest comfortably. Very solid spikes decouple Clearaudio racks so effectively that they remain totally unaffected by resonance.

The Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable is available for private audition by-request.