New Clearaudio Turntable Announced: Meet Signature [US Market Exclusive]

New Clearaudio Turntable Announced: Meet Signature [US Market Exclusive]

Mar 13, 2024

The following text is sourced from an official Musical Surroundings press release.

Musical Surroundings introduces the Clearaudio Signature turntable, exclusively for the US market.

The Clearaudio Signature is a special edition of the new Concept Signature, exclusively for the US market. It represents advancements in high-end performance with exceptional value. The Signature turntable celebrates Clearaudio’s 46 years as the leader in vinyl playback and Musical Surroundings 331/3 years in analog distribution.

The Signature combines the technological and material science advancements from the entire Clearaudio turntable line, highlighted by the AiR 12v DC coreless motor with new speed control circuity derived from our award-winning Reference Jubilee turntable.



The Signature incorporates a newly developed “Tacho-Speed-Control” that constantly monitors the rotational speed and provides real-time feedback to the control electronics, enabling the system to immediately respond to dynamic influences such as stylus drag, belt tension, friction, or temperature.

The resulting sonic improvements include finer focus, tighter bass, better rhythmic timing, and layered soundstage.

TSC performs automatic speed calibration at every start, derived from technology in our Reference Jubilee and Master Jubilee turntables. Manual calibration for musicians requiring speed/pitch matching can be accomplished via a control on the rear of the Signature turntable.

These advancements in speed accuracy and sound quality are made possible with the new AiR 12v DC coreless motor. It offers superior performance due to its low inertia, thus allowing high acceleration rates with no cogging torque. DC coreless motors were developed for use in demanding high tech applications including robotics, radar, medical imaging, and now, high precision turntables.


Clearaudio Signature Improved Motor Suspension (IMS) and Tacho-Speed-Control (TSC)

A version of our O-Ring IMS (improved motor suspension), derived from our Jubilee turntables, isolates our AiR DC coreless motor, for enhanced vibration control.

Clearaudio Performance DC Feet

 In addition to sharing the AiR motor with the Performance DC and Concept turntables, the Signature combines the mechanical and visual qualities of these models. Physical isolation is accomplished with the adjustable leveling feet used on our Performance DC turntable.

The 30mm POM platter sits atop the precision-machined aluminum sub-platter, driven by a flat polished belt which communicates speed control via the TSC. The constrained layered plinth and platter bearing, a hardened steel shaft inside a sintered bronze sleeve with Teflon thrust pad, are derived from our Concept turntable, which gained worldwide recognition with over 20,000 units sold.


The Professional Power 12v in black, an $800 value, assures purer power for the Signature AIR motor and sophisticated self-regulating electronics. It is a transformer based linear power supply developed to maximize the AiR motor. It is derived from Clearaudio’s Professional Power 24v that was developed for their Ovation and Innovation series that uses 24V AiR motors. The Professional Power 12V uses a vibration damped toroidal transformer in conjunction with stiff regulation, providing clean power to the AiR motor. An IEC power connector allows use of your preferred AC cables and grounding post provides an additional earth ground point. It is voltage specific with 120-volt version available for the USA.


The triple-black Signature comes fitted with your choice of 2 tonearms, the Tracer Black and the new Signature Black Satisfy Carbon Fiber. Both tonearms feature black carbon fiber arm tubes, exceptionally lightweight and rigid for reducing resonance and enhancing clarity. They use handmade Swiss vertical and lateral bearings, adopted from the watch industry, incorporating polished tungsten points against sapphire thrust pads. The magnetic anti-skating force is mechanically decoupled and easily adjustable.

Clearaudio Tracer Black Carbon Fiber Tonearm

The Tracer Black tonearm’s precision bearing is 90 degrees to the angle of the cartridge offset, beneficial for more accurate tracking and stereo separation. The aluminum headshell provides a large mounting surface for vibrational integrity and allows the azimuth to be easily fine-tuned for best channel separation. The counterweight is underslung providing an optimal center of gravity and allowing fine adjustment of the tracking force. The Tracer is hardwired with Clearaudio Sixstream cables terminating in gold-plated RCA plugs.

Clearaudio Signature Satisfy Black Carbon Fiber Tonearm

The new Signature Black Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm is the Clearaudio established reference point for affordable tonearms. A two-piece aluminum headshell with adjustable azimuth allows the accurate alignment of sophisticated stylus shapes for best stereo imaging. Clearaudio Direct Wire tonearm cable is hardwired and terminated with gold-plated RCA plugs to assure music signal integrity.

The Clearaudio Signature is slated to be available during the 2nd quarter of 2024. Stay tuned for official dates & Paragon availability! 

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