Analog Night at Paragon: The Latest Clearaudio Turntables, Master Jubilee & Signature

Analog Night at Paragon: The Latest Clearaudio Turntables, Master Jubilee & Signature

Apr 27, 2024

Paragon Sight & Sound recently presented two new Clearaudio turntables at our most recent Analog Night event. The highlighted turntables, the Master Jubilee and the US-exclusive Signature, created a lot of buzz at our event.

Experience the Future of Analog Sound

Paragon's Analog Night event provided attendees with the opportunity to experience the Master Jubilee and Signature turntables in action. The event showcased the superior sound quality and craftsmanship that Clearaudio is known for, leaving attendees impressed and eager to add these turntables to their audio setup.

Introducing the Master Jubilee

The Master Jubilee, a limited-edition turntable celebrating Clearaudio’s 45th anniversary, builds upon the success of the Reference Jubilee turntable. The complete package includes the new Unity 10” tonearm, Professional Power 24v linear power supply, Statement clamp, and Outer Limit peripheral ring clamp.

  • Features Panzerholz plinth and larger POM platter/stainless steel flywheel
  • Includes self-calibrating speed control system with OSC optical speed sensor
  • 24v DC AiR motor tower with enhanced isolation and 2 tonearm capability
  • Motor communicates with the OSC platter sensor via umbilical cord
  • Separate motor tower utilizes IMS Innovative Motor Suspension
The Master Jubilee’s is limited to 45 units worldwide. Retail price is $60,000 for the complete package including the new Unity 10” tonearm, Professional Power 24v linear power supply, Statement clamp, and Outer Limit peripheral ring clamp. Contact Us for more information.

  • Clearaudio Master Jubilee Turntable
  • New Unity 10” Tonearm
  • Clearaudio Jubilee MC Phono Cartridge
  • Audio Research REF Phono 3SE Preamp - Phono Stage
  • Audio Research REF6SE Linestage Preamp
  • Audio Research REF160M MkII Monoblock Amp Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX Loudspeaker
  • HRS VXR Audio Stand System
  • Cabling & Power by Transparent Opus G6 Series
  • Room Treatments by Convergent Sound Treatments

Signature Turntable: Exclusive to the US Market

The Clearaudio Signature is a special edition of the new Concept Signature, exclusively for the US market. It represents advancements in high-end performance with exceptional value. The Signature turntable celebrates Clearaudio’s 46 years as the leader in vinyl playback and Musical Surroundings 331/3 years in analog distribution. The Signature combines the technological and material science advancements from the entire Clearaudio turntable line, highlighted by the AiR 12v DC coreless motor with new speed control circuity derived from the award-winning Reference Jubilee turntable.


  • Features 'Tacho-Speed-Control' for monitoring and adjustment of rotational speed
  • Automatic speed calibration at each start based on advanced technology
  • Manual speed/pitch matching calibration via rear control
  • Utilizes AiR 12v DC coreless motor for superior performance and high acceleration rates
  • DC coreless motors originally developed for high-tech applications now used in high-precision turntables


A version of the O-Ring IMS (improved motor suspension), derived from the Jubilee turntables, isolates Clearaudio's AiR DC coreless motor, for enhanced vibration control.
  • O-Ring IMS isolates AiR DC motor for vibration control
  • Adjustable leveling feet for physical isolation
  • Precision-machined aluminum sub-platter with POM platter


The Professional Power 12v in black, an $800 value, assures purer power for the Signature AIR motor and sophisticated self-regulating electronics.
  • Derived from Professional Power 24v for Ovation and Innovation series
  • Uses vibration damped toroidal transformer and stiff regulation for clean power
  • IEC power connector for preferred AC cables, grounding post for earth ground point
  • Voltage specific with 120-volt version available for the USA


The triple-black Signature comes fitted with your choice of 2 tonearms, the Tracer Black and the new Signature Black Satisfy Carbon Fiber. Both tonearms feature:
  • Black carbon fiber arm tubes for reduced resonance and enhanced clarity
  • Handmade Swiss vertical and lateral bearings adopted from the watch industry
  • Polished tungsten points against sapphire thrust pads
  • Magnetic anti-skating force that is mechanically decoupled and easily adjustable

Tracer Black Tonearm features:

  • Precision bearing at 90 degrees to the cartridge offset for accurate tracking and stereo separation
  • Aluminum headshell for vibrational integrity and easy azimuth fine-tuning
  • Underslung counterweight for optimal center of gravity and tracking force adjustment
  • Hardwired with Clearaudio Sixstream cables
  • Terminating in gold-plated RCA plugs

The new Signature Black Satisfy Carbon Fiber tonearm features:
  • Features a two-piece aluminum headshell with adjustable azimuth for precise stylus alignment
  • Equipped with Clearaudio Direct Wire tonearm cable for optimal music signal integrity
  • Constructed with carbon fiber for enhanced rigidity and reduced resonance
  • Provides superior stereo imaging and musical performance

Event Demo System: Equipment List

  • Clearaudio Signature Turntable (US Exclusive)
    • Tracer Black Carbon Fiber Tonearm
    • Hana Umami Blue Phono Cartridge
  • Audio Research LS28 SE Linestage Preamp
  • Audio Research Reference 80S Stereo Amp
  • Burmester 100 Phono Preamp
  • Wilson Audio Sasha V Floorstanding Loudspeaker
  • HRS EXR Audio Stand System
  • Cabling & Power by Transparent – Ultra G6 Series
  • Room Treatments by Convergent Sound Treatments

Clearaudio Master Jubilee & Signature: Available at Paragon SNS

Whether you're a seasoned audiophile or a newcomer to the world of analog sound, the Reference Jubilee and Signature turntables offer a truly exceptional listening experience.

Both the Signature & Master Jubilee are only eligible for in-store purchase. Visit Paragon today to learn more about these innovative Clearaudio turntables and elevate your analog setup to new heights.