Announcing Pedestal: A Uniquely Wilson Approach to Vibration Mitigation

Announcing Pedestal: A Uniquely Wilson Approach to Vibration Mitigation

May 14, 2020

Wilson Audio has long been researching resonance control as part of understanding how cabinet materials affect a transducer's ability to accurately pass an incoming signal. For 40-years, the company has continued the search for the best non-resonant composites suitable for different applications. Out of this research and development, as part of the Wilson Audio Special Application Engineering (WASAE) division, the new Pedestal Isolation Pod was born.

The Pedestal reduces musically destructive vibrations systematically. Its small bottom element partially absorbs vibrations traveling from the surface underneath the piece of equipment. Next, energy migrates into the Pedestal’s non-magnetic stainless-steel housing, where the material’s mass and solidity further turn unwanted energy into heat. Instead of low-grade magnetic steel, Wilson is committed to metals that have superior vibration-mitigating characteristics as well as the ability to minimize electronic interactions of the components which the Pedestals support.

Pedestal's interior damping, or "V-Material," is the next line of defense against unwelcome vibrations. The V-Material works together with a proprietary viscous damping material within the Pedestal to effectively act as a spring. This "spring" action minimizes, absorbs, and dissipates vibrations into heat. 

When weight is applied to the Pedestal feet, the internal materials and critical elements within the housing are decoupled from the stainless steel exterior. Vibrations from outside environmental factors, or vibrations from within your audio system, travel into the top pad of the Pedestal, where they are reduced. Any remnants of the vibrations are then absorbed and dissipated as heat by the internal V-Material.

 Important Details

  • Each Pedestal is rated for weights up to 25lb/11.34Kg. A set of three successfully supports 75lbs. Add more Pedestals to accommodate greater weights.
  • The white color ring indicates when max weight rating has been reached—when the ring disappears, the Pedestal has reached its maximum load.
  • Shipped in quantities of up to 3 units per box.
  • Designed for use under electronics, digital transports, power supplies, tape machines, and turntables to acoustically isolate these components from the environment as well as to substantially reduce vibrations traveling from components to the surface below.
  • NOT intended for use under loudspeakers.
  • WASAE's patent pending design provides an unprecedented degree of decoupling between outer housing and constrained damping layers.
  • Designed and manufactured alongside Wilson Audio loudspeakers in the USA.

The Wilson Audio Pedestal is expected to begin shipping in mid-May and can be purchased in-store or online. Pre-order to reserve your Pedestal today!