Client Install Makeover w/ Wilson, D'Ag & More in All-Black Finishes

Client Install Makeover w/ Wilson, D'Ag & More in All-Black Finishes

Jun 16, 2023

This week's featured system is the star of a recently completed Paragon install for a long-time client's home system. They expressed to us that they wanted the space to have better visual appearance without sacrificing sonic performance. With new equipment, upgrades for previous equipment, room treatments, and even a new wall, we were able to achieve impressive improvements in both aesthetics & performance.

First, we worked with contractors to build a wall on the right side of the system, in order to pressurize the space for max performance. Previously, it was a completely open space that lead out into a hallway. Our team was then able to collaborate with Convergent Room Treatments–who also provide the sound treatment solutions in Paragon’s showroom–to build custom room treatments to truly bring out the best possible sound for the space.

Our next task was modifying the system so that instead of all the electronics being in the front, they were more hidden from view, creating a cleaner appearance. The front-end 2 channel equipment was moved to the side of the room (pictured above). The home theater equipment was able to be moved into a rack mounting system in a utility closet, hiding it from view completely.

The primary challenge, as with any installation with this level of equipment, was getting extremely heavy pieces into the home & in place. The Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVXs as well as the D'Agostino Relentless Preamp had to be brought into the home with a tool called a Zanzini,which also allows greater protection of floors & walls. With careful floor coverings, proper placement, and a lot of patience, we were able to bring in the new pieces cleanly and with no damage incurred to the home or the system.

The immediate result of the 2-channel configuration was much more dynamic bass and fleshed-out sound, thanks to the new room treatments, Relentless Preamp, and APEX upgrade for their existing dCS Vivaldi One. The home theater configuration also benefits from substantial improvements, with the new Trinnov Amp providing a much more realistic experience and the upgraded Kaleidescape Terra movie system making this a seamless home cinema experience.

List of Equipment


  • Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX Floorstanding Loudspeaker (color?)
  • Dan D’Agostino Relentless EPIC 1600 Mono Amps
  • Dan D’Agostino Relentless Preamplifier
  • dCS Vivaldi One APEX
  • dCS Vivaldi Master Clock
  • Transparent Opus Power Isolators
  • Transparent Magnum Opus Interconnects and Speaker Cables

Home Theater

  • Kaleidescape Movie Server System
  • Trinnov Altitude 16 Processor
  • Trinnov Amplitude 8m 8-ch Amplifier
  • Wilson Audio Mezzo Center Speaker on Hourglass Stand (color?)
  • JL Audio 2x13” In-Wall Subwoofer System
  • McIntosh CS100 in-ceiling speakers
  • Samsung 85” 8K Television
  • Leon Media Decor Wall Art
  • Room Treatment by Convergent Room Treatments

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