Maximizing Aesthetics and Functionality: Seamless Smart Home Integration

Maximizing Aesthetics and Functionality: Seamless Smart Home Integration

May 23, 2024
As a homeowner, the world of advanced home automation and smart home technology can feel daunting due to the vast array of options and the ever-evolving nature of the technology. It is also common to have concerns about how well smart home tech will blend with the existing décor and design, both aesthetically and technologically.

Paragon Sight & Sound understand these challenges, which is why we offer a range of solutions--whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your current fixtures and home tech.

From Pre-Wire to Move-in: Seamless Integration

This client installation in Michigan showcases Paragon Sight & Sound's expertise in integrating automation solutions with construction & design plans. Over two years ago, this long-time client enlisted our services for their new build, and we have been involved from pre-wiring to final completion.

Our installations are designed to harmonize with the home’s décor, focusing on aesthetics and functionality. Therefore, it was important to collaborate with the client's entire team, including designers and electricians. Working with the client’s architect, who selected the lighting fixtures, was essential for a cohesive style.


Project Overview: Solutions & Integrations

1) Automated Lighting Control and Programming

Throughout the residence, we implemented an advanced Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system featuring Lutron's Palladiom series keypad switches. This setup allows for precise lighting management, creating optimal ambiance in every room with ease, while minimizing wall clutter by utilizing keypads instead of multiple light switches.

2) Whole-Home Audio Streaming

Architectural and invisible speakers by Sonance were strategically placed throughout the home, facilitating whole-home audio streaming and control. This ensures high-quality sound without compromising the visual integrity of the living spaces.

3) Networking and Automation

We ensured robust and reliable connectivity throughout the home by installing Luxul routers and switches alongside Ruckus Wireless Access Points (APs). A Savant automation controller was also integrated to facilitate seamless communication between our lighting control system and the client’s third party motorized shades.

Room-Specific Installations


Utility Room

Key installations in the utility room includes:
  • Lutron HomeWorks Lighting Controls: This system provides automated lighting with orchestrated dimming and scene lighting, controlled by Palladiom keypads for a refined look.
  • Sonance Amplifiers and Sonos Port: These components deliver powerful audio streaming across multiple zones, utilizing the Sonance amps for superior amplification.
  • AudioControl Concert XR-8S Processor: Offers exceptional sound quality, delivering over 100 watts to each speaker channel, surpassing conventional receivers.
  • Luxul Networking Solutions + Ruckus Wireless Access Points (WAPs): Ensure seamless and robust connectivity throughout the residence.

Media Room

Designed to accommodate both family entertainment and social gatherings, the theater room features light neutral colors, departing from the traditional ultra-dark home theater aesthetic. All components are neatly rack-mounted in the utility room, preserving the space's uncluttered appearance.

The media room was meticulously designed to deliver a high-performance entertainment system within a conventional living area. Key elements include:
  • Projector and In-Wall Speakers: These provide an immersive viewing experience.
  • Framed Projection Screen and Recessed Subwoofer: The subwoofer, custom-covered with sound-transparent fabric by our partners at Leon Speakers of Ann Arbor, is discreetly integrated into the adjacent utility room to maintain a clean aesthetic. The screen frame was also constructed by Leon.
  • Savant Remote: The Savant Pro Remote Enables intuitive control of the room’s audio, video, and lighting systems.

Outdoor Audio

Outdoor areas were equipped with both architectural and invisible speakers to provide high-quality audio while preserving the aesthetic integrity of the spaces:

  • Covered Patio Area: Architectural and invisible speakers were installed without damaging the beautiful wood ceiling, maintaining the space’s elegance while providing excellent sound quality.
  • Firepit Area: Invisible speakers were strategically placed around the firepit, ensuring safe and beautiful enjoyment of music while relaxing outdoors with friends and family.

Bar Area

A Seura Smart Mirror was installed in the bar area, adding a touch of innovation. This mirror integrates smart technology, allowing it to display information, play music, or show TV channels while maintaining a sleek appearance.

As we continue our work on the installation of this client's outdoor audio system, it becomes clearer that our focus on meeting client needs and enhancing their lifestyle is paramount. This project, which has been ongoing for several years now, is a testament to our expertise in transforming residential environments with advanced technology. This reaffirms our commitment to providing high-end smart home systems that truly cater to our clients' preferences and requirements.

Are you looking to enhance the automation and technology in your home, but feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options available? Paragon Sight & Sound's smart home & automation team understands the challenges, and we offer a range of solutions. Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your current fixtures and home tech, we are here to help. Our goal is to make the integration of advanced technology into your home a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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