Night of Independents | November 10th 2022

Night of Independents | November 10th 2022

Oct 17, 2022

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November, 10th 2022
6PM - 10PM



Paragon Sight & Sound
3780 Jackson Rd. Ste., H
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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Trent Suggs: President, Audio Research Corporation

Audio is not a job for Trent, it is a passion, and owning Audio Research is the realization of a dream created when he represented Audio Research years ago.

Trent's career started in audio and he owned a successful audio-video integration company, but the remarkable music reproduction and craftsmanship of Audio Research components ramped-up the passion that drives Trent (and the company) today.

His home is in Boone, North Carolina, while he lives in Minneapolis. Since his time as a college athlete, his interest in baseball, football and sports has not diminished.

Bill McKiegan: President, Dan D'Agostino

Bill is closing in on three decades in the high end audio industry and just celebrated his 7th anniversary with DDMAS.

Schooled as an electrical engineer, Bill brings a technical background to the role of President. When time allows, you can find Bill stress relieving on a golf course.

Anthony Paterno: Sales, Dan D'Agostino

Anthony is a new addition to the DDMAS sales team. However, he is a veteran of the production department and is a great resource on all elements of the internal workings of DDMAS products.

An expectant father, Anthony tries to squeeze in as many rounds of golf before the blessed event.

John Giolas: VP Sales & Marketing, dCS LTD

John's obsession with audio and music began as a young teen. Instead of spending money on cars, John used his meager income from odd jobs to build and refine his audio system.

While in college, he worked as a salesman in a local Hi-Fi store, and after graduating with a BA in creative writing, he opened his own high-end audio store in Salt Lake City, Utah, which he ran for fifteen years. The store’s success attracted the attention of a buyer, and after selling the store, he was offered a position at Wilson Audio as their Director of Sales and Marketing. After twenty years at Wilson, he joined Data Conversion Systems (dCS) LTD in 2020.

John is from Utah, where he lives with his wife, children, and several pets. John is a writer, photographer, and loves spending time in the outdoors.

Emron Mangelson: Head of Sales, dCS Audio

Emron is a career sales professional with over a decade of experience serving in various sales and management positions across diverse industries that include high-end audio, luxury AV, medical sales, and enterprise-level software sales. He spent approximately six years working for a well-respected high-end audio retailer and later served as that organization’s Sales Manager.

Emron took a sabbatical from the high-end audio industry and attended the University of Nebraska College of Law, where he received his Juris Doctor degree. Emron worked for the Office of the Chief Counsel for the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington DC, where he assisted in successfully negotiating tort claims brought against the FAA.

Emron is originally from Utah. He and his wife, Sarah, and their eight children reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Along with his passion for high-end music systems, he is also an avid aviation enthusiast and holds a commercial pilot license with multi-engine and instrument ratings.

Mike Latvis: Founder & Chief Engineer, HRS

Mike Latvis has over 40 years of engineering and product development experience specializing in vibration, noise, control systems, acoustics and audio systems.

He has been issued five US patents related to vibration noise control components and high performance audio stand design. He also currently has one additional new patent pending related to the very cost effective EXR Audio Stand design.

His professional career includes engineering, engineering management, business development management, and the founding / directing of HRS operations since 1999.

Nick Bridges: President, Transparent Audio

Nick joined Transparent Audio in 2019, bringing years of executive leadership experience during a 15-year career in healthcare. Joining Transparent has allowed him the opportunity to blend his passions for business management and team building with that of lifelong music appreciation.

From Maine originally, he currently resides in Kennebunk with his wife, Martha, and their two children Cadence and Bauer. When not working he is attending as many concerts as he can, watching his children's various activities, or cheering on one of his favorite sports teams.

John Warwick: Account Executive, Transparent Audio

John is a lifelong musician, music lover, and avid record collector. He began his journey in high performance audio in 2008 and has been working to help people build lifelike music systems ever since.

Bill Peugh: Wilson Audio, North American / European Sales Account Executive

Bill Peugh has been in the high end audio business for many years.

Before moving to Wilson Audio in 2016, Bill worked as a managing director at Transparent Audio and before that as the Eastern Sales Manager at Sumiko (Fine Sounds).

Since joining the team at Wilson Audio, Bill has been instrumental in initiation, building and strengthening business relationships while teaching and supporting at the highest professional level.